Finding Evidence-Based Info Ebook

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Finding Evidence-Based Info Ebook


We are here to help families learn how to find evidence-based information during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

  • Want to know what ACOG recommends?

  • Want to know if a medication is contraindicated while breastfeeding?

  • What to read recent studies?

We are going to show you how!

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Why choose this ebook?

This book was created by two birth professionals, Dr. Amber Wilson, CNM, DNP and Becca Murrell, SNM, RN.

Dr. Amber Wilson is a Certified Nurse Midwife with over 10 years of birth experience (hospital and home birth). She is also a mom to six and a breastfeeding educator.

Becca Murrell is a Labor and Delivery RN with over three years of experience. She is currently in school to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife.

Together, they have cared for hundreds (if not thousands) of pregnant people. Now, they would love to help you!


What will you learn in this ebook?

What is evidence-based practice?

Where can you find evidence-based information?

What are the most reliable types of information?

How can you actually perform a search?

How do you apply research?


What are people saying about this ebook?

"Amber and Becca have created an AMAZING resource. This book is a great guide to understanding where to get research, how to read it, and how to find what is reliable. This is a must have for anyone trying to find what is evidence-based during their pregnancy.”

-Justine LeDuc, BSN, RN, PHN (@labornursejustine)