Ep. 12: Humanity In Childbirth For All- Pregnant While Incarcerated Ft. Jacqueline Williams

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About Jacqueline:

After giving birth to her daughter with the support of a midwife and doula, Jacqueline recognized the importance of a supportive birth partner. Her involvement in prison work began in 2016, where she volunteered as a prisoner advocate to learn more about laws and policies specific to Michigan’s Correctional facilities. During this time, she also became a certified birth doula.

Since then, Jacquline has met with a plethora of other individuals working to improve the lives of people incarcerated. She is the Executive Director of the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative, and her focus is on building sustainable and comprehensive resources for incarcerated birthing people in Michigan.


In This Episode:

Jacqueline and I discuss the traumas that often lead to incarceration, the state of healthcare for incarcerated birthing people, and how the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative is working to help.



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