Ep. 14: Eating Well For Pregnancy Ft. McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN


About McKenzie:

McKenzie has loved both food and science from a young age. In high school, her curiosity about the world meshed with her interest in food and led her to study Nutritional Sciences at Cornell, followed by a Master's degree in Public Health and Registered Dietitian Training at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In graduate school, she discovered Health at Every Size - an approach to health that is weight inclusive and radically opposes diet culture. It recognizes that weight loss diets simply don't work and that all people in all bodies deserve respect and quality medical care. She also discovered Intuitive Eating - a tool developed by registered dietitians to help clients balance their eating and truly enjoy all the foods they eat by tuning into their inner signals. With these two paradigms, she began to heal her relationship with food and shift my views on how she wanted to practice as a Registered Dietitian.

After looking at our thin-obsessed world through a feminist lens, and seeing the startling statistics of overall poor maternal health outcomes in the U.S. as well as health inequities for women of color, McKenzie knew where she was called to work. She now specializes in female reproductive health, working with nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.


In This Episode:

McKenzie and I discuss eating for common discomforts of pregnancy, choosing a prenatal vitamin, intuitive eating, and weight gain in pregnancy.



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