Ep. 15: Certified Professional Midwives Ft. Sarah Kelly, CPM

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About Sarah:

Sarah is a mother of five and a midwife that serves families in the Twin Cities. She began my journey as a birth worker shortly after the birth of her first daughter in 2000. She wasn’t happy with the birth that she had at a local hospital and found out about doula’s the day after her daughter was born. She never went back to work, and instead chose to train with DONA and become a birth doula. She has been attending births as a doula for 18 years!

Sarah found out that she was pregnant again when my daughter was five months old, and quickly realized that the birth that she wanted wasn’t going to be found in a hospital. She switched to a home birth and never looked back! Her daughter was born peacefully at home with a midwife, a doula, and her family.

Sarah maintained an amazing friendship with her midwife- that eventually led to an apprenticeship after the birth of her third daughter. She took some time off to give birth to my twins (also born at home) and went back after they were well-established nursers! Sarah finished her six-year apprenticeship by sitting for the NARM test and getting her CPM. Sarah calls herself a traditional midwife because she believes that midwifery isn’t medical, and that birth is not a medical event. She is there to serve women and help them to find the right sources of information that fits their needs. Every family is individual and should be seen as such.


In This Episode:

  • Learn the history of U.S. midwifery

  • Learn the legality of homebirth midwives in the U.S.

  • Hear from Sarah Kelly, CPM

  • Learn why U.S. birthing people deserve options in childbirth

Lee, V. (1996). Granny midwives and Black women writers: Double-dutched readings. New York: Routledge. From UM Libraries

Lee, V. (1996). Granny midwives and Black women writers: Double-dutched readings. New York: Routledge. From UM Libraries


Also Featured:

Ashely Sipes is a mother of two and a birth activist. After experiencing a traumatic hospital birth, Ashley decided to give birth at home. Currently, home birth with CPMs is illegal in Ashley’s home state of North Carolina. Ashley advocates for the legalization of home birth for all.

Ashley’s personal Instagram

Ashley’s Legalize Homebirth Instagram


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