Ep. 5: All About HypnoBirthing ft. Nicolle Kasch

Nicolle Kasch.png

About Nicolle:

When Nicolle first became pregnant, she was very concerned about how difficult and painful birth would be and had no sense of how I’d get through it. The hospital-based childbirth classes instilled so much more fear in her that she became determined to educate herself further on normal birth. Through her education, she found Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing book, practiced diligently, hired a doula, and had an incredibly calm and empowering unmedicated hospital birth! During the months that followed this blessed event, she was consumed with her birth story and wanted to share her experience with as many other women as possible. She became a HypnoBirthing instructor, as well as a certified labor support doula. Nicolle continues to support women in birth in the Orange County, California area.

In this episode:

Nicolle discusses how HypnoBirthing helped her have an unmedicated birth that surpassed her greatest dreams, how to find a HypnoBirthing instructor, how to find a medical provider that supports your birthing choices, and much more!



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