Tips For An Epidural Birth

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Tips For An Epidural Birth Cover.jpg

Tips For An Epidural Birth


Ebook by the creator of BadAssMotherBirther, Flor Cruz, who is also a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and advocate.

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What it is:

This is a simple, easy to understand Ebook that covers the basics of using an epidural during childbirth. This Ebook is useful to any birthing parent, even if planning an unmedicated birth because plans can change. It is also helpful to any birth worker or a person who is not pregnant yet but wishes to explore options before conceiving.

This Ebook gives you:

  • How an epidural works

  • Risks vs. benefits

  • What to do during labor

  • Positions to push in

  • Recovering from an epidural

Please note: this Ebook is created by Flor Cruz of BadAssMotherBirth and is not the property of Becca Murrell/Bumps and Boobs. For a full disclaimer, please visit